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Wisdom with AWS Data

DataPhoenix small end-to-end data solutions.
We help organisations unleash the power of their data.

Unlock your data’s potential

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Our professional services team has experience in data solutions on AWS.

We’ve come together to launch specialist consultancy with expertise in data,  DevOps and AWS cloud.

Founded with a vision to help organisations unleash their data potential, DataPhoenix delivers data architecture and data lake, data mesh implementation services on AWS.

Our expertise and experience is confirmed with AWS Select Tier for Services partner status.


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We specialise in architecting and implementing Data Lake on AWS, but we also provide a range of associated services.

This means we can also assist with data processing, strategic guidance, data governance, cloud architecture, migration and with transferring skills to your team.

We work with everyone from blue chips to start-ups: who you are is less important than what you want to achieve. If you’ve got a desire to unleash the value in your data, work with us.


Unleash the Power of Your Data

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you architect and implement a solution that helps you unleash the value in your data, please get in touch.

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Data Lake

To realise the value of your data, you first need to bring it together in a centralised and secured repository. This is our area of expertise: Data Lakes on AWS.

AWS Cloud

Wherever you are in your journey to cloud, from ‘lift and shift’ to more complex cloud migration, we will help you find the optimal solution.

Data Governance

Our team will ensure you implement and demonstrate the right approach to data security with advice about data governance, access controls and more.


Greater efficiency and cost optimisation are the key promises of cloud but you need the right culture and DevOps platform to achieve those benefits.

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We can help you unleash your data’s potential. Get in touch with the DataPhoenix team here.