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Data Governance

Finally, data governance is being given the strategic importance it deserves: we help you deliver secure, high-performant and resilient solutions so you can meet your security objectives.

Data Governance Services


Why is data security so important? GDPR has done more than anything else to underline the importance of good data management and enforcing appropriate data security measures. Together with high profile data breaches and wide-reaching security incidents such as the WannaCry ransomware attack of 2017, it has finally brought the issue of data security to the attention of the boardroom.

The effects of GDPR aren’t limited to Europe either: governments around the world are following suit, implementing similar measures to ensure that privacy and the personal data of individuals are appropriately protected.

Moving data security up the corporate agenda is a good thing, especially when your data architectures that have been built around a concept of security by design and where people, processes and technology have been suitably scoped, implemented and maintained.

However, the focus on improved data security can be a challenge for existing data architectures for which security hasn’t been given enough of a focus. Retrofitting the best data security policies, practices and technologies can be hard, but it must be done.


Under the ‘integrity and confidentiality’ principle of the GDPR, organisations must ensure – and be able to demonstrate – that they have appropriate security measures in place to protect the personal data they hold.

Whether you are building new with security sharply in focus, or you need to bring the same sharp focus on security to existing data architectures, the expertise of our experienced team can help you meet your corporate, compliance and best-practice requirements.


Security by design has always been integral to our philosophy and way of working. Our team takes a ‘security first’ approach. Data security expertise is an important reason why our clients choose DataPhoenix to help them to create their data lakes and data infrastructures on AWS.

If you are grappling with existing deployments where an implementation didn’t follow best practice, our team can still assist.  Here, our team can help you with retrofitting security best practices. Security best practice requires multi-faceted solutions that deal with the three essential data security topics of policies, people and technology. As with any project, we will start with a detailed audit of your current architectures and technology tools, your current policies and practices, and your team.  We’ll also review the compliance requirements you have that are unique to your industry or organisation.

This will enable us to gain a clear understanding of potential vulnerabilities that require action.  In this way, we can develop a data security programme that is unique to your organisation.Each programme will be a blend of technology solutions and adaptations, a clearly stated framework of policies built around your organisation’s unique goals and responsibilities, and the staff mentoring and coaching required to ensure that data security is at the heart of your organisation’s data architecture.

AWS provides a number of frameworks and tools that support data security best practices.

This way, we embed our best practices in your team, making handover easy and helping to ensure data security is maintained and developed over time. We know this is vital. Because of the fast-moving nature of our sector, it is all too easy for the attention of IT to move to the newest and shiniest tools or technology and for attention to slip when it comes to implementing essential day-to-day security maintenance.

The financial penalties of the GDPR and the responsibilities we have to the people whose data we hold, means that attention cannot be allowed to slip when it comes to data security. By choosing to work with DataPhoenix, we can help you meet your responsibilities now and into the future.

Why choose DataPhoenix

DataPhoenix is specialising in the data domain. Our team understands the importance of data security and has been implementing proven data solutions with comprehensive governance in place. However, we do not omit the practical parts. That’s why for example we give you an easy way to automate the deletion of PPI records when clients ask.

We’re focused on providing value and return from investment to our clients. With our expertise and the tailored solution, you’ll achieve faster time to market, generate savings and lower risks.

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