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Understand your cloud readiness and create a migration plan based on the best tools and practices to migrate and modernise your networking, storage and compute.

AWS CLOUD Services


Whatever line of business you are in, it is more than likely that you will have migrated some of your business IT to the cloud in one way or another. Perhaps you have begun to make the transition cloudwards, but are failing to see the much touted benefits of cloud?

While it is possible to achieve greater flexibility, agility, mobility and cost-savings by moving systems, data and workloads to the cloud, there are many ways to make the transition – and they are not all created equal.

The benefits of switching from on-premise software application to a SaaS app that delivers similar functionality are very different to those gained by reimagining legacy proprietary software as a native cloud app based on microservices and a containerised approach to application delivery, which, in turn, is very different to simply lifting and shifting that legacy app from on-premise servers to servers hosted in a cloud provider’s data centre.

There is, of course, no one right way or wrong way to move to the cloud. What’s right for you will depend on your business objectives, long-term strategy, degree of technical expertise available, desirable speed of deployment, timescales, budget, preferred suppliers, and many other considerations.

At DataPhoenix, we stand ready to help you make sense of this complexity. We’ll help you assess and understand your cloud readiness and we’ll introduce you to the best practices, tools and frameworks for migrating to the cloud – whether you’re moving applications, websites, databases, storage, virtual services or entire data centres.


The DataPhoenix team leverages our experience gained on previous consulting engagements to assist with the entire migration process.

We follow the AWS well-architected framework to ensure that you achieve the full benefits of your cloud migration. Our experienced team will work with you throughout to ensure that your migration runs smoothly from start to finish.  We’ll begin by helping you assess and understand your cloud adoption readiness; providing you with insights, gap analysis and recommendations before you begin.

We’ll ensure you have access to the skills and expertise you need and give you the best practices and tools to get the job done. An important part of this is the support we give you early on to develop and refine the business case for cloud migration and your choice of technologies and AWS. There are a number of tools and services that we recommend and that we can help you navigate, depending on the outcomes you want to achieve.

Why choose DataPhoenix

DataPhoenix has been working with AWS cloud for 10 years and gained expertise which translates well into business benefits. Our team is curious enough to explore and leverage the latest in cloud practices, and bold enough to challenge market paradigms where beneficial. ​

We’re focused on providing value and return from investment to our clients. With our expertise, proven and tailored solution you’ll achieve faster time to market, generate savings and lower risks.

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