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Commodity trading business

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Improve the speed of decision making & compliance

We were approached by a UK-based business that had an issue with data organisation. Its existing platform was not enabling it to make trading decisions fast enough – and this was impacting its business. The new solution would need to enable the business to meet industry data compliance regulations while enabling near-real-time data processing from a myriad of sources.
A Data Lake had already been identified as a well-suited solution by the company’s data engineering team. However, without relevant experience and busy with other pressing operational matters, it would have to shift its focus. This would have a negative impact on the business, so the business recognised the need to bring in additional expert help. The Data Phoenix team designed a solution that would address the issues identified.

We brought in the necessary expertise and delivered a solution based on our Data Lake on AWS framework. We helped the company to improve the speed of decisioning, improve data organisation and meet compliance requirements to deliver the Data Lake on time and budget.




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