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Creating a more secure & performant environment

Address performance and security concerns

A UK-based business in the energy sector was experiencing ongoing issues related to managing its platform. Its operational teams were overloaded with multiple data environments, sources, processing methodologies and storage options. Because the solution was maintained in different ways by different teams, no one had a comprehensive picture of the entire estate. Adding new features and data sources was painfully slow.

The company engaged the Data Phoenix team and we conducted a platform survey. In addition to the identified performance issues, we raised a number of security concerns. Access policies didn’t follow a ‘least privilege’ approach. The new data source approval process was not well defined. Furthermore, GDPR-type requests to view or delete personal information or deletion couldn’t be actioned with confidence.

Data Phoenix helped to develop a sustainable and highly performant Data Lake solution that fulfilled necessary security requirements and delivered significant improvements. Moving forward, the solution is far easier to maintain thanks to the implementation of best practice approaches including cross-team collaboration, IAC, Agile and CI/CD.




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